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What Is Moving Arbitration For?
Arbitration Program
What Is The Cost Of Arbitration?

Is Arbitration Required

Arbitration is mediatory requirement for the moving industry as a carrier so you can protect your moving company from the beginning.

Arbitration Program For FMCSA
Is Arbitration Legally Required?
What Happens If I Don’t Have An Active Arbitration Program?

Tips & Help

Make sure you update arbritation each year. After one year it expires.

Who Must Participate In An Arbitration Program?
Dispute Settlement For Moving And Storage
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Cost of Arbitration

Cost of arbitration is $185. Cost of not having it which would be thousands and thousands.

What Is The Cost Of Arbitration?
What’s Needed To Get Arbitration within 1 Hour

Arbitration is Unbiased

Arbitration is fair and unbiased and only looks at the evidence and written agreements.

100% Neutral Arbitrators
Health Insurance
11 Steps For Arbitration

What you Must Show

All USDOT carriers are required to show proof of arbitration, not showing it could cause fines and being revoked.

Proof That Arbitration Is Required For Movers
Arbitration Programs Household Goods