Is Arbitration Legally Required For Movers?

Movers legally required to have hhg arbitration program
Arbitration is now legally required. To be a legally operating moving company you must have arbitration
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Arbitration is legally required if you are planning to register with the DOT as a new moving company.

To be a legally operating moving company, your company must register with the FMCSA. It must also receive a DOT number. The DOT will also make sure you are up to date with your arbitration program. They will check this when they do an audit on your company. If you want your company to be a legal operation, you must purchase a moving company arbitral program before you register as a mover. Our arbitration only costs $185 for a whole year.


Arbitration Program Assistant


This investment allows you to legally operate as a national moving company, and you will be able to make back whatever you spent on your business expenses. Arbitration is the FMCSA’s way of preventing moving company cases from filing in courtrooms, instead of an arbitral award, which is binding in the terms.

Arbitration is the best way to settle claim disputes between two parties, without the help and cost of a lawyer.

This legal requirement takes the pressure off of courts so that they can take care of more larger court cases.
Buy Arbitration $189
Check with the FMCSA about arbitration programs that you may consider partnering with.

The FMCSA will be able to tell you if the arbitration program that you are considering is acceptable by them.

Do the research and find articles to make sure that the arbitrators have awarded the license, and remember that knowledge is power and so that the company can give a resolution on arbitrators’ law dispute agreements when you log in.


Are all moving companies using arbitration?


It is in a companies interests who legally register are associated with a member’s arbitration program. Those who disobey this law and regulation face fines that cut into profit. If you decide to be a mover, make sure to follow the regulations. The arbitration program is designed to help both parties gain arbitration profit by protecting the extra costs of having to hire a lawyer or getting your license revoked by not keeping it updated events.

The law is not sympathetic to movers lacking household goods arbitration program service.

The law is very clear about the requirements that it wants. Obtaining your hhg arbitration program will save time, and purchasing a published tariff will save you in the long run.

Meeting these two requirements is critical in all states nationally.

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Buy Arbitration $189

If you run an international moving company, arbitration can assist you in solving the situation.

Contact International arbitration is structured exactly the same, we just communicate with your client news in whatever country they may be in.