Apply to have household goods mover
Arbitration program

All completed arbitration applications we receive must be posted to USDOT office in Washington D.C. After fees have been paid.


What do you need with FMCSA Arbitration Program?

Information you will need to submit

You will need to submit your companies information on the profile signup page. If you have not been issued a USDOT number then leave it blank. You will receive the DOT number after your arbitration program has been approved and resolved from the judicial Set by the USDOT when filing your application for an MC/DOT number. When you fill this federal application out, you sign an affidavit stating that you will hold an arbitration program while a transporting carrier or shipping household goods.

Learn More about Fees

The Department now accepts online payments through this link.

  • $189.95 fee for Arbitration program for carriers (1 year)
  • $1397 filing fee for moving business tariff

How to apply

Our program guidelines are designed to assist the moving industry with its mediation and arbitration needs. You can easily fill in an arbitration form to get the process started. Our team is here to assist you with your needs regarding arbitration.

Purchase from us to make sure you get an affordable price and we are available via email between you and your shippers. Our arbitration program is FMCSA approved so you won’t have to worry about regulations regarding the arbitration if it arises.

If you have any questions please give us a call at (702) 333-2430. Our associates will be on the line to help answer any questions you have regarding arbitration regulations.


arbitration programs for movers

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Arbitration Programs For Movers provides the best-moving arbitration program and moving documents at the most affordable prices. All of our products are made by us and are prepared to fit your needs in your moving company.

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Our arbitration program takes care of the claims procedure that a customer submits. The option of an arbitration program is legally required by any household goods movers or carriers that do interstate moves. By letting us handle your Arbitration claims, we allow you to focus on your business and worry about the important things such as growing and expanding.


We provide you with an arbitration certificate so that it can be placed in clear sight in your main corporate office. This certificate can be clearly seen for inspection with its metallic shiny seal.

Required Documents Now

Along with your application, you are required to submit the following documents before the Department of Transport (FMCSA) can grant operating authority:

Note on Forms

Your binding arbitration provider and their contact information must be listed on your Bill of Lading and Tariff. It is the Law that you provide accessible contact for your customers in the event of a moving arbitration claim.



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Department of Arbitration Programs for House Hold Goods Transportation