What is the cost of Arbitration?

Our household goods costs of arbitration program is $185 for 12 months of membership and is under automatic renewal every 365 days from the date of sale.

Keep in mind that this price is only for the  cost of the arbitration program provided by our company. Other arbitration programs may cost more or less depending on the company providing the arbitration. For what is included, we believe that our cost for our arbitration program provides the best value in the market today.
Buy Arbitration $189


Why is selecting this program a good choice for me?

There is no other arbitration program provider that provides a better value for what is provided. Our arbitrators have a lot of experience when it comes to providing arbitration between two parties. Their experience in the moving industry allows movers and clients to settle claims quickly and efficiently. Settlements which usually take a month or two to be handled can be easily settled in less than two weeks. Our arbitrators are very professional when it comes to handling each settlement.
Buy Arbitration $189

They are 100% unbiased when it comes to providing arbitration.

They will never give one side an advantage over the other. Once you are signed with our arbitration program, you will find that what we offer is an excellent solution. If you plan to purchase arbitration, please consider choosing our company. We provide you with the best moving arbitration program possible. During your order, you have to accept this recurring charge. This ensures that there is no lapse in coverage.

We invite you to shop around to compare pricing.

We are the most cost-effective, efficient household goods Arbitration Program in the moving industry today. Our knowledgeable staff can help with all aspects that arise in the moving field. The USDOT has recently updated its application process to ensure that moving carriers. Buy an arbitration program before being able to complete the USDOT application. We are up to date with the FMCSA and have good communication with the governing body and officials in Washington D.C.

If you follow the link it is a very simple process to purchase arbitration for a moving company within 3 minutes.

Buy Arbitration $189
This efficient process allows a moving company to do what they excel at, which is moving. After this process, we encourage you to follow the steps of the automatic email and add our membership logo onto your website. It is also a requirement for a licensed mover to post their DOT number on their website so that consumers can check their license.
Aligning your moving company with an established company such as ourselves builds confidence in the field with the uneducated eye. This also helps a potential customer looking for a good mover.

The moving industry in the United States is a regulated industry.

The law reads the way that a moving company carrier must operate. A USDOT officer does not read between the lines and only follows the law as he or she is directed. Do not bypass these simple steps of becoming licensed or compliant, arbitration is a rule. Not having this active will ensure your company is revoked and not being able to generate business.
Buy Arbitration $189