11 Steps For Arbitration for movers

11 steps to arbitration moving 11 arbitration steps with a moving company
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Arbitration for Movers: 11 Moving Company Steps Related to Movers Arbitration



Here are steps to help guide you in acquiring (or preparing to get) arbitration for movers. There are many ways to go about getting arbitration for any type of claim. But in case you need guidance, here is a list of 11 steps needed for arbitration. If you have questions about these 11 arbitration steps, please contact us. Our mission is to help every moving company succeed through arbitration. We’re one of the best arbitration organizations in the US. Our mission is to help all carriers succeed while reducing their fees.



Arbitration for movers 101
The arbitration program 101
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Arbitration for Movers Step #1: Know the Law & DOT Rules



Make sure you are knowledgeable about the US DOT laws and regulations of moving. Do so before deciding to start a business in the moving industry. Many movers come into the industry not knowing how to run a legal operation. For example, tons of carriers do not register as a moving company with the FMCSA. Later on, they get penalized for not having FMCSA registration.


Carriers spend time and money only to get shut down or run out of business.

And that’s because they did not follow the laws. All movers in the moving industry must follow US FMCSA rules and regulations. Do you have questions about US laws related to dealing with a shipper? If so, please contact us. We can provide shipper information that relates to your service.


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Arbitration for Movers Step #2: Create a System Using an Action Plan



Starting a moving company without having a plan can turn into a disaster. (And a dispute.) You need a plan to operate your business so that you can avoid a dispute. Otherwise, you could waste time and money settling dispute after dispute. Make sure you keep up with how your operation is running. Keep the shipper in mind to prevent a dispute. Always make sure that you have enough resources, money and time. That’s so you can keep your business afloat with plenty of customers.


You want shipper after shipper using your services.

This is true if you’re planning to start a moving company using loans. Make sure you are able to pay off those loans before deciding to go through with borrowing. This way, if a dispute takes place, you can pay for an arbitration service. If you need help creating an action plan, call us anytime.


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Understanding arbitration
Understanding arbitration for moving companies

Arbitration for Movers Step #3: Know Who You’re Selling To



You must know what kind of shipper you are selling your services to. (Also, try to use Tariff and Contracts For New Movers services.) You should have a plan for marketing the services of your business to a new shipper. Without one, you won’t get enough customers to continue running a business. New customers are the lifeline of the moving industry. Without people who want to move, moving companies would not exist.

Make sure you are able to market yourself to customers.

You can do this by using many programs, such as the internet and magazines. Market your moving business after getting your arbitration program. Getting registered as a licensed mover is always better to do from the beginning. Why? Because it will allow you to gain more opportunities. After all, more clients lead to more money. You need shipper after shipper calling you ASAP. The better you understand customers, the less chance there is of a dispute happening.




Arbitration for Movers Step #4: Research Arbitration Program Services



Research what arbitration programs can do for your company if a dispute takes place. There is a reason why arbitration is needed in this industry. It’s useful to know why you need to get an arbitration program for your moving company. You must know the process of arbitration to settle any dispute.

You should also know what happens when someone files a claim.

One claim against your moving company could cause a lot of stress. Know what and who’s involved in the process. So when it comes a time that you use a program, you will understand the process.



Arbitration for Movers Step #5: Figure Out Why You Need Arbitration Program Services


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Determine why you need to have an arbitration program. Each moving company operates in a different manner when it comes to claims. There are no moving companies that operate claims the same way. One could have a few trucks while others could have over 75. One could have a few employees while others have hundreds.

The more trucks and drivers you have, the more claims you could get in a month.

Make sure you know what you need out of an arbitration program. Figure that out before looking for any arbitration program.



Arbitration for Movers Step #6: Research Arbitration Programs



Research what arbitration programs are available to you in the market. There are many providers of arbitration in the market today. Each of them caters to different movers in the industry. The step before this is important. Why? Because it allows you to know what you need from an arbitration program.

Does your company require an arbitration program?

If so, your program should take care of hundreds of claims at a time. You must get an arbitration program that can cater to this need. Will you only receive one or few claims a month? If so, a simple arbitration program could give you the results you need.



Arbitration for Movers Step #7: Analyze the Costs


It’s time to check the arbitration costs that affect your carrier. Always look at the price before buying arbitration. Remember that cheaper is not always better. Why does a cheaper program sometimes have poor results? The arbitration program could only cater to new or small moving companies. This is because small companies receive fewer claims.


So, do you need an arbitration program to handle many claims at a time?

If so, spending more money on this feature could benefit your business. But say you’re new to the industry and starting out. You could get a basic arbitration program for common disputed problems. The program could handle a few disputed claims at a time. For small businesses, basic arbitration programs are more suitable.


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Arbitration for Movers Step #8: Understand the Services of Each Arbitration Program



Before buying, try to check and clarify services from individual arbitration programs. Ask about arbitrator services they provide that you are unsure about. They might have certain services that resolve your disputed issue. You could even take part in the 1 Year Movers Arbitration. This way, you could exit a program for arbitration after one year.


Call if you have any Questions: (702) 333-2430


Do you have questions about what an arbitration program offers? It’s always best to clarify by calling or emailing a program. Or, you can call us and we will help you with finding a resolution to a disputed problem. Do so before buying any arbitration services or arbitration packages. You can even talk one-on-one with an arbitrator about any disputed problem.

Buying an arbitration program means that there is often binding status.

Then, you are stuck with the program for a year or more for all disputed issues. It’s always best to have a proper arbitration program for your company.



Arbitration for Movers Step #9: Buy an Arbitration Program



It’s now time to buy an arbitration program that applies to movers and their unique moves. Many arbitration programs allow you to buy arbitration straight from their website. These arbitration sites allow you to enter your credit or debit card information. This way, you can buy the arbitration program for moves with ease.

Some arbitration websites have recurring charges.

This is great for those who plan to run their moving company for many years. Are you starting out in the moving industry and have done many moves? If so, it is best to order arbitration for one year. After a year of arbitration expires, you can always renew it for future moves. Keep in mind that some arbitration programs provide you with a discount. The program discount applies to your subscription for the arbitration program.


Do you know that you’ll stay in business for more than a few years?

If so, you can find information to save money on arbitration expenses. But keep in mind that many arbitration expenses do not cost a lot. And the costs are well worth it. An arbitration award often favors companies. Companies rarely have to pay a lot when settling disputes through an award.

But keep in mind that an arbitration award can sometimes cost a lot.

Do you want to learn more about buying the right program or service? If so, please call us any time to request information.

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Arbitration for Movers Step #10: Receive Arbitration Program Documents



The time’s come to receive documents and files from your moving arbitration program. Arbitrator after arbitrator provides arbitration certificates to moving companies. The certificates prove that they registered a moving company for an arbitration program. Say that you receive an arbitration certificate from an arbitrator. (Or, you receive an AMSA document.) It’s best to place the arbitration program certificate on your wall in the office.

You might also receive other arbitration documents for your party.

They could display the process of what to do if you were to receive a claim. This way, you can discover a road map toward a fast settlement with another party. Sometimes with a claim, it’s best to pay the settlement fee ASAP. Otherwise, a party could pursue even more legal action. Then you could have to pay a second settlement to that party.


Make sure you are always reading arbitration-related documents.

This way, a claim won’t catch you off guard and result in arbitration. Then, you could have to pay a settlement fee. Do you need access to a certain type of arbitrator? If so, let our organization know. We can help you find an arbitrator that fits your needs. This way, you won’t have to panic when a claim comes up. We can find a program that adheres to any type of claim. And we can even help you find a low program fee. The amount of each arbitration fee can vary.



Arbitration for Movers Step #11: Register Your Carrier With the FMCSA


You can now register your company or carrier with the FMCSA and start moving. Registering your carrier with the FMCSA is crucial. It means you have everything you need to operate in a legal manner. The key is to follow the laws and regulations of the industry. This relates to each moving tariff that your carrier creates. It also relates to preparing to address any type of moving claim. Doing so will help prevent a carrier from having to work with an arbitrator. Reducing your risk of having claims take place can lead to more money in your pocket.

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