What Happens If I Don’t Have An Active Arbitration Program?

Not having arbitration program
do it right and update your inactive arbitration for your moving company
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Inactive arbitration program should not even be a consideration if you want to stay active.

It is the law to have an active arbitration program by the FMCSA. Expect a costly fine if you get caught without arbitration. The FMCSA also revokes licenses for this offense.

You are required to present your Arbitration program during the registration of your Moving Company with the FMCSA.

If you registered it before this requirement was put in place you may be asked to present it during a DOT Safety Audit. It is important to have your company be part of an arbitration program before you register. Without it your company will not be legally approved to move.

An inactive arbitration program can be detrimental to the safety of your moving company.

The FMCSA is really strict when it comes to enforcing this rule and may apply fines to those who do not follow it. Paying for an active arbitration program will be cheaper than having to pay a fine for not having one. in the first place when it comes time for a DOT Safety Audit.

Make Sure You Have Active Arbitration Program

If you do not have an arbitration program, claims made against you will go to small claims court. Small claims court can involve lots of legal fees, costing you more money in the long run. If you don’t have an arbitration program, we recommend that you purchase one of our arbitration programs. This ensures that you are compliant with USDOT laws and regulations. You should be ready by purchasing our extremely affordable arbitration program.

Where can I get help with the arbitration program process?

If you have any questions regarding the arbitration program that we offer feel free to call us. Our associates will be able to answer any of your questions during the call. They are equipped with many years of experience and knowledge related to the moving industry. Make sure you are not caught without the proper documents and files when you are audited by the DOT.

Being prepared will make you more prosperous in the long run.

Remember to keep your arbitration program active and if you have an inactivate arbitration program, please do your best to reactivate it immediately.
Buy Arbitration $189