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Moving arbitration program for dispute settlement
Arbitration program & dispute settlement guide
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When a dispute settlement happens it is a disappointment with the service that has been provided by the moving company.

Many times consumers want to get their issues solved and handled immediately, especially if there is damage to anything. If you have a dispute with a moving company, the first action they will request you to do is to fill out a claim form. This claim form is normal prior to filling out an arbitration claim form. Only when a claim form has not fulfilled the exchange between the customer and the moving company is when an arbitration dispute form is required. Here is a video you should watch explaining about a claim form.

Understanding A Claim Form Procedure ( Video )


Once the claims procedure has been exhausted hopefully you have a clear settlement and your moving claim has been handled. If your moving claim has not been handled then the consumer has the right to file for arbitration.

The household goods arbitration program exists to weigh out each party’s considerations in consideration to the claim.

This is done with neutral parties that have no affiliation with either party. This is a customer that had household goods transported or moving company that performed moving service.
Buy Arbitration $189

Always provide a brochure of the arbitration program or a link to the arbitration program.

If you booked with a broker, you wouldn’t necessarily do the arbitration with the broker but with the carrier or moving company that performed your job. Below is a video that will explain a little better about filing an arbitration dispute form.

 Understanding Arbitration 


By purchasing arbitration with us, you will be able to dispute settlements with your customers easily and affordably. Settling disputes will take no time at all. Other arbitration programs charge more for having disputes on moving and storage. We charge only $185 for all types of settlements.

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Our hhg arbitration program is an affordable option for anyone who is just beginning their business in the moving industry. Our low cost for arbitration makes it a low-risk investment, so even if you do not decide to follow through with your plans in the industry, you will not lose a lot of money for it.

Buy Arbitration $189

With other arbitration programs, there is more to lose because of the cost of their programs relative to ours.

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