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Moving arbitration required for movers
Arbitration programs required for movers
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Arbitration Program for movers

   The USDOT has updated its software on its website. It is now your obligation to become a member of an arbitration program as a mover before you receive your temporary DOT number. If you are filling out your application, you will see that the form has been changed. Moving companies now must get four different products before having USDOT license awarded from the FMCSA

Requirements to Get DOT Number

  1. Liability Insurance
  2. Cargo Insurance

Please remember that receiving your USDOT number is a privilege.

You should take pride and protect your license. The law is what it is and not the old 400 ng tariff rates which was the reason the industry was deregulated and now you need to build a custom tariff. You must follow the rules, be a moving pro and keep these four things above up to date. Not keeping these four things up to date and current will get your license revoked. Fines may occur as well if you operate without appropriate requirements.

The FMCSA requires that you are part of an arbitration program before you are able to register as a moving company.

This FMCSA Webpage shows proof arbitration is required for a carrier. It includes a list of what an arbitration program must include. It also includes rules that providers of arbitration must follow when arbitration is necessary. Between a company and shippers/customer. See the pdf attached to this webpage. If you need more information on processing the laws on arbitration feel free to call us at 702-333-2430. We will be able to answer any questions about arbitration disputes.
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United States Arbitration Program

We are trying to help moving companies stay legal in the moving industry. Being informative and helpful is our key to success. It is in our best interest to make sure that your moving company is able to succeed. So, we make sure to let you know what you need to succeed. If you are still not sure that arbitrator is necessary, give us a call and we will talk it through with you. If you also have other questions of laws and regulations within the moving industry, we can help. Our associates will be ready to answer your call and offer advice at 702-333-2430.

Why Choose HHG Arbitration Program?

We are knowledgeable on all aspects of the moving industry. Our experience consists of many events and situations in over ten years in moving. We only provide the most recent and most accurate information on arbitrator decision. We stay up to date on documents relating to the moving industry. Many movers who enter the industry are not informed on what is required to give its consumers and rules are set by the government on moving. We take great pride in helping movers be informed on the latest information in the moving industry. Our mission is to make sure all moving companies who work with us are not left behind when it comes to claims and legal regulations.

If you are a moving company that needs help from us, we make sure to inform you of everything you need.

Get these things to stay successful. We believe that all moving companies should be on a fair playing field. So we make sure all moving companies that we know of are following the rules when it comes to laws and regulations in the moving industry. If you want more proof arbitration is one of the requirements for movers, please give us a call.
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What is Arbitration for movers? | Arbitration Program for movers

Arbitration for movers is a process by which two or more parties can come to an agreement about a dispute. This process is often used in the moving industry to resolve disagreements about damage done to property during a move. It is important to note that arbitration is not a legal proceeding, and therefore any decisions made through the arbitration process are not binding in a legal sense. However, arbitration can be a helpful way for parties to come to an agreement without having to go to court.

Why  Movers requiere an arbitration program?

Arbitration is a process by which two or more parties can come to an agreement outside of a courtroom. This process is often used in the moving industry to resolve disputes between a mover and its customers.

Without an arbitration program in place, these disputes could end up in court, costing both the mover and the customer time and money.

By having an arbitration program in place, both parties can resolve their dispute quickly and efficiently, without having to go to court.

Is an Arbitration a complex Procedure?

Arbitration is a complex process, as it involves an impartial third party to make decisions in legal disputes. The parties involved must agree to the arbitration and provide evidence of their agreement. This can include providing financial documents, witness testimony, and expert opinions.

A successful arbitration requires careful consideration of all relevant facts, law, and circumstances.

The arbitrator will then produce a binding decision that is legally enforceable by the parties involved. Although arbitration may be complicated in nature, it offers a more streamlined and cost-effective resolution than going to court. In addition, it allows for greater control and privacy over the resolution of disputes compared with traditional litigation. Ultimately, arbitration may be the best way to resolve certain disputes while still protecting both parties’ rights

In need of an arbitration Program? | Arbitration Program for movers

We designed our Arbitration Program  to provide fair and impartial resolution of disputes between movers and their customers. Our experienced Arbitrators will take into consideration all relevant evidence, considering the facts of each case, and will make  decisions that are in the best interests of both parties involved. Thats the main reason why with our Arbitration Program, movers feel confident knowing that any dispute they may encounter will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Get our Arbitration Program today and benefit from its peace of mind!