Claims Prevention and Procedure

Claims Prevention & Procedure

Claims Prevention and Procedure: What to Expect When a Dispute Takes Place

Claims Prevention and Procedure for your interstate moving compan.  These claims can include any of the following factors:

-service issues

-damaged cargo

-damaged property


-items that have gone missing

-residential damages


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This article will help you and your employees understand what to expect with claims.

When a customer files a claim, your workers will have a better understanding of the process. Knowing this information may help your company prevent claims from getting filed. If you have questions about claims prevention, feel free to contact our organization. We are always here to help your company thrive.

-What information will a customer submit in a claim?

Customers will write a report on a claim from.

These forms contain detailed descriptions of the issues at hand. One piece of information that is always included is the relative inventory line item. The customers also make note of the estimated value of every item. The customers then print and attach copies of the following:

-the receipt from the warehouse

-the Carrier’s Bill of Lading

-an inventory list full of many details

-a separate list of the Items of Extraordinary Value

The customers do not stop there. They also attach more information to the report. That information includes:

-email transcripts

-pictures of the relevant goods (at least 2-4 per item)

-proofs of value

-extra information that they think will benefit them in the case

Many customers make the mistake of not providing all the above information. As a result, there are often plenty of delays that affect the duration of claims cases. That is why your company should never assume that the claims process is quick.

-How much time do customers have to file claims?

It depends whether it is an interstate move or a local move. Local move claims have to get filed in about ten to fifteen days after moves occur. Check on your state’s official website for the exact number of days for interstate moves. In fact, always check the Bill of Lading. That bill displays the exact terms and conditions of your state’s moving policy. But get this. In most states, a customer has nine months to file an interstate moving claim.

-Can customers throw away their damaged goods?

No. There is often an inspection that occurs once a claim gets filed. The customer has to hold onto their damaged goods- and even the packing materials. Otherwise, the case may get thrown out.

-Should customers go ahead and get estimates for repairs?

No. Customers have to wait until the claim gets processed and a resolution gets reached. In other words, a customer needs official authorization to get repairs. Getting items repaired before authorization takes place is foolish. Doing so may result in the case getting thrown out.

-What is usual timeframe for claims cases to get resolved?

The exact number of official days for cases may depend on the state. Most claims get acknowledged in about seven days of receipt. Official claim determinations almost always occur within 120 days after claims get filed. After that the customer has the right to deny the claim and go into arbitration via the USDOT law.
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