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All the information Below, within the links, will educate you about arbitration programs. This is for any mover that wants a USDOT license.
It is our goal to educate household goods carriers. This is so they can follow FMCSA laws and regulations when they apply for their USDOT number. Unfortunately, many movers in the past have tried to bypass these simple regulations. In response, the FMCSA has updated the application process. That process is on the protect-your-move government website.

The changes force new carriers to follow the arbitration membership guidelines.

Say you choose to apply with our arbitration program. Understand that it is non-refundable due to the fact that it starts immediately. Did you know every move you perform without an arbitration program in place is illegal? In fact, the program must be active or any move gets considered illegal. That’s the last thing you want. And our team will help you prevent this from happening.

Many movers wonder when an active moving arbitration gets activated.

This happens after the claims procedure and claim form’s gotten completed. This is important in regards to liability issues on a move. The Bill of Lading must state something very important. It is that your moving company’s represented as an active arbitrator. This information has to get provided to all consumers. A copy of the arbitration brochure must also get sent out to a moving customer. This has to take place before the move begins.
Buy Arbitration $189

We provide all these factors with your membership to our moving arbitration program.

Contact our firm today if you’d like to learn more about the membership. Our goal is to make undertaking household goods arbitration simple. Within minutes, we can get you caught up to speed about government regulations. We will help you understand all moving arbitration programs. Many of our clients get relieved by knowing the cost of household goods arbitration. We can also recommend high-quality programs for movers that get results.

Feel free to give us a call for a query at any time.

Our team of experts will walk you through arbitration program protection measures. Once you understand the cost of arbitration, you can adjust your moving processes. And if you need a USDOT license, our team will help you get one fast. That way, you can start making more money and build a successful moving company.

Arbitration Programs For Household Goods

Arbitration exists to prevent the courts from filling up with household movers disputes. It is a step that a customer agrees to in the contract when agreeing to the move in Contracts For New Movers. This requires that they go through Arbitration before they are able to file a suit in small claims court. Usually, this ends successfully for both parties.

Small claims court can be costly and this mediation-Esque process allows both sides to be tended to.

It usually ends in them being both happy with the results. Arbitration also speeds up the process of a dispute by allowing both parties to give their information to a third party. They then settle by having the third party decide the outcome.


Arbitration Program


Our program is in accordance with Household Goods Arbitration laws, with judges observing our operations. Whats more is it is offered at a fraction of the cost of the others on the market. The cost of our arbitration program is only $185 for one year while other arbitration programs may cost you over $200 to $750 for a yearly subscription to their programs.

Our customers have an easy access to the claims arbitration procedure which is an easy link for their consumers.

Shipments that have issues can easily be placed into our arbitration pipeline so that the consumer can be handled easily. Moving companies are always happy when we are able to help them with the purchasing of arbitration as it is a requirement when filing to receive your DOT number and authority to conduct interstate household goods moving


Proof That Arbitration Is Required For Movers

 The USDOT has updated its software on its website. It is now your obligation to become a member of an arbitration program as a mover before you receive your temporary DOT number. If you are filling out your application, you will see that the form has been changed. Moving companies now must get four different products before having USDOT license awarded from the FMCSA

What’s Needed To Get Arbitration Program Within An Hour?

All you need to Obtain Arbitration quickly during your FMCSA application is to purchase from us. We recommend you purchase because you will be getting a bargain while fulfilling a requirement to create a moving company. We are very quick about getting you the information needed to get past the questions required on the application to apply for authority to conduct interstate moves and your DOT number.


Afterward, once you are granted your DOT number, you simply email it over to us or give us a call. We forward it to our printing department along with a record of your purchase and your start date. They put it on a certificate and mail it to your business address.

What Is An Arbitration Program?

Many movers might ask, “What is an arbitration program?” Simply put, arbitration is a method that companies use to legally settle disputes with a consumer. It does not require court time. Arbitration is a non-bias program. An arbitration hearing consists of either a single arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators. While many legal systems require that a panel consist of an odd number of arbitrators, presumably to prevent a stalemate. More often than not, a panel of arbitrator does not exceed three. The parties involved in the dispute send their supporting documentation and any letters to the arbitrator. Arbitration provides a different option for settling a dispute rather than entering the courtroom.

Who Must Participate In An Arbitration Program?

Any household goods moving company, local or long distance, needs arbitration. Any household mover is required to offer arbitration as a backup for claims. However, the customer is not required to sign up for arbitration offered by the moving company. The customer has the choice to opt out of being part of an arbitration program. They can instead take the dispute to small claims court. One advantage of having moving arbitration in place is to save the time and money. Some customers might prefer going to small claims court if they believe they are entitled to a large amount of money.

Are Shippers Required To Participate In The Carrier’s Arbitration Program?

Shippers have the right to choose not to participate in the arbitration program that the movers have in place. Shippers can choose not to participate in the arbitration program that the movers have established. They may request legal assistance via court actions pursuant to 49 USC 14706. If a shipper does not agree to participate in an arbitration program, there may be more costs for both parties. Fees will be higher when disputes are taken to court. Another important note is that the mover cannot force a client to join an arbitration program, especially before a claim is filed.

Arbitration Program for FMCSA

  Arbitration is legally required if you are planning to register with the DOT as a new moving company. To be a legally operating moving company, your company must register with the FMCSA. It must also receive a DOT number. The DOT will also make sure you are up to date with your arbitration program. They will check this when they do an audit on your company. If you want your company to be a legal operation, you must purchase a moving company arbitral program before you register as a mover. Our arbitration only costs $185 for a whole year.