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Contracts for Moving Companies: We’re Here To Help Your Moving Company With Contracts

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Moving companies planning to move interstate must have a sound moving contract. The Contracts For Moving Companies should list all your services like costs, agreements, and terms. Moving contracts should also display insurance terms and laws set by the FMCSA. This contract needs to correlate with your tariff. All this information may feel overwhelming.


(Especially if you are starting your business for the first time.) But do not despair. Let’s break this down so it’s super simple. One mission of our organization is to make the moving company contract process easy.


Are Tariffs Contracts?


No, a tariff is a menu of all services that you provide. It lists line-haul charges, services, and waiting times. But that’s not all. It also displays delivery windows, the cost of material, and charges for bulk articles. A tariff also puts all US laws and regulations in plain sight. A tariff also displays valuation charges.

Every company must put valuation charges on a moving contract. Do you need help learning how to distribute and sign a moving tariff? Or, do you need help ensuring that each customer can sign a moving tariff? Either way, please contact us at any time for moving tariff help.



What Is a Moving Contract?

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The most important piece of paper in a moving contract is a bill of lading. A copy of the bill of lading must go to a customer on the day of pick-up or move. This is a receipt of all charges connected to your moving contract.

A professional moving contract can consist of many more pieces of paperwork.

These pieces of paperwork will set out all agreements and costs. This way, what’s agreed between the moving company and the consumer is clear. A customer can then understand the information with ease.

Plus, he or she can sign a contract fast since the information is clear. These moving forms are also a blueprint for the company employees to follow. This way, they can adhere to the proper directions set from the movers’ tariff. All good movers give the option of valuation. The consumer can buy that option t at a premium rate for extra coverage. This applies if they have not already bought moving insurance.


Never sign blank paperwork before the move has begun.

The agreement should get set before loading a vehicle. This is set forth by the FMCSA. It’s considered US law in the transportation industry for household goods.



More About a Legal Moving Contract & Agreement



Before moving companies can move their customers, they have access to previous contracts. These contracts have gotten made in the past. Each moving contract ensures that the customer agrees to terms of services. These contracts must cover all services that get provided by the moving company. A contract must also cover all rules related to those services. Say that a draft of a contract gets made. It must get checked many times for missing agreements and errors. Here is an example. Say that you’re offering a service and it’s not found in your contract. A customer can then file a claim on a charge for that service.

It’s up to you as the mover to make sure all your services get included in your contracts.

These contracts should include the pricing for each service. This applies whether it’s a fixed cost or a flat rate. This will enable you to protect yourself against customers who raise false disputes. Are you planning to create a contract? If so, please contact us for help. We’re happy to help you create a first-rate moving contract.

Besides services and prices on contracts, a contract must also include a time frame.

Even company rules should get placed inside a contract. The customer must follow these rules so that the move can happen. Make sure your contract has the correct time frame for the move as advertised. Say you advertise online that you’re able to complete a move within 14 business days. That must also get stated within your contract. Make sure you’re able to complete moves within the time frame listed in your contracts. Sometimes it’s impossible to complete a move within the time frame listed on your contract. Make sure your contract addresses complaints you receive about this.

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What Can I Do To Improve My Legal Contracts?



You can make a custom agreement that relates to your contract. Here’s an example. Reimburse a customer some money for each day that the move gets extended. Many moving companies like to allot a good amount of time for each move. That is only for safety reasons. They want to make sure each move does not go over its due date. But this could drive away customers looking for a fast mover. 

The moving contract must also include rules of payment.

Do you not accept credit cards for any payments made related to a move? If so, it must get stated within the contract. Or, say that you accept credit cards for some of the payments. But you only accept cash for the rest of the payments. That must also get stated in the contract. You  can include rules for every moving situation. (Like not continuing with a move until payment gets received.) You must have all these rules in your contract. This will protect you from fake claims by customers.


Many moving companies demand payment before a full move gets completed.

Include including rules like these in your contract. This way, your moving company will save itself from shady customers. Plus, your contract will look more solid. Do you have any questions? Or, do you need help creating a contract for your moving company? If so, please call us at our number right now. We can help you with the contract building process ASAP.


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Do You Need Help Creating a Moving Services Contract?



Are you and your moving organization in need of help creating a contract? If so, our company can help you create any type of document that you need. From a moving company contract to an agreement listing moving services. Or, any type of moving services contract that a moving organization needs. All you need to do is call us and tell us what your document or agreement is for.

Our experts will create custom, high-value documents on your behalf.

We’ll make sure that each agreement features all key items. We can even instruct your moving professionals on how to create an estimate. This applies to both a binding and non-binding moving estimate. 

No matter what type of document you need, our moving experts will get the job done.

This way, your company can improve its contract and agreement processes going forward. We’ll instruct you with new inventory-building processes. They can teach every mover which items get listed on an inventory. This applies for moving to a new home and also commercial moving.


Our experts have ensured the success of client after client in the moving industry.

That’s why, since long ago, we’ve served as a top-rated document sender. Moving organizations can get frustrated with so many FMCSA and state laws. Our mission is to reduce stress for moving organizations. We do so by providing high-value moving-related services. We’re the home of the best moving document builders in the US.


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Let Us Know if You Need a Moving Company Contract Template



Does your moving organization need access to a new contract template? Our team can direct you to a new template that can speed up your moving process. This way, you won’t have to spend so much time inputting items into contracts. We can also send you moving agreement software. It will position you to create a moving agreement after moving an agreement fast. 

We’ve served as the home for moving organizations for many years.

One big reason is that we give companies the moving tools to succeed. From sending an inventory template to binding estimate software. (In fact, please ask us about how we can help your company create a new, faster inventory.) There’s no limit to how our moving professionals can help a business succeed.


Our moving experts can even help you create tariffs ASAP. And our tariff builders work faster than third-party services like Rocket Lawyer. All your moving organization needs to do is call us and tell us your needs. Our moving industry professionals will then get right to work.



Our Company Provides Services Full-Scale Mover Services



Arbitration Program for Movers is the home of moving organization after moving organization. Why? Because we provide all sorts of full-scale moving services, both established and new. Sure, we can build a moving estimate. But we can also teach moving firms when customers should sign documents. There are no limits to how our new and old services benefit moving organizations. 

All it takes is one phone call to our moving hotline.

That’s when you can tell us your specific needs. Within minutes, our team can start creating a custom moving action plan. It can ensure that your company can boost its abilities. From knowing how to sign moving tariffs to proving a more accurate home estimate. Our moving services have no limitations. We look forward to helping your moving organization succeed.

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